Do you shiver at the thought of root canal therapy? Here’s why you shouldn’t.

root canal therapy

Many people find it hard to sleep at night after they find out that they need to undergo root canal therapy. But in reality, there is no need to be scared or anxious at all.

Root canal treatment

The truth is that root canal treatment is meant to relieve you from the pain, rather than to cause it. Come see us at Atlantis Dental, where you will witness how our leading root canal dentist makes the root canal treatment as comfortable as possible.

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of root canal therapy

A root canal treatment can save your tooth and relieve your pain. If you opt not to undergo this therapy, the infected or damaged tooth pulp can cause even greater pain and put that tooth as well as the surrounding teeth in danger which would ultimately result in loss of teeth. After root canal therapy, you will be able to return to your regular oral functions.

What to expect from a root canal therapy

If you talk to some people who have undergone a root canal treatment, they will tell you that they experienced mild or no pain during the procedure. That is because a root canal dentist uses simple anesthetic means to ensure that you are as relaxed as possible.

What happens after a root canal treatment?

After the procedure, you may experience soreness inside your mouth, slight pain or discomfort, and sensitivity. But, this is temporary and can be easily treated with medications.

However, if you experience consistent pain, you must consult your root canal dentist immediately. At Atlantis Dental, we strive to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience for all our patients. Contact our experts to know more about root canal treatment.

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