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Advances in dental technology provide us with better tools for diagnosis and treatment of your dental health issues. Here are a few of the dental technologies you will see us use during your visit:


CEREC is a computer-enabled system that lets us fit you with restorations such as crowns in as little as one appointment, with no uncomfortable impression trays or temporary restorations. The CEREC system lets us take digital impressions, produce your restoration, and fit it to your mouth right in our office.


Digital X-rays replace the film used in traditional X-rays with digital technology that uses less radiation and takes higher quality images than film based X-rays. The higher quality images improve our ability to diagnose and treat decay and injuries to your teeth and jaws.

Sirona Cone Beam CT Scanning/3-D Imaging

This advanced CT Scanning shows dental anatomy from different angles to allow a better view and measure vital structures accurately for treatment such as braces, extractions, root canals, and implants. 3-D images provide more information than conventional dental x-rays allowing for more precise dental treatment planning.


Nomad Pro Handheld are ultra-compact X-ray machines that we can hold in our hand. Because they allow us to stay next to the dental chair when we take X-rays, they are great for children and other patients who may become anxious during traditional X-rays which require us to leave them alone in the room.


Panoramic travel in a semicircle around your jaw, taking a “full face” image of your teeth and entire jaw. It provides valuable information about the nasal area, maxillary sinuses, tooth positioning and gum and bone irregularities.


DIAGNOdent is a revolutionary technology that uses low power lasers to detect cavities that are almost impossible to see with the naked eye, allowing us to treat these cavities before they become more serious.


Diode lasers are surgical lasers that replaces scalpels used to make incisions in the soft tissue of your mouth (such as your gums). Diode lasers make incisions that are more precise, less painful, and faster to heal than those made by a scalpel.


Intra-oral cameras are tiny cameras that fit inside your mouth. They let us (and you) see inside your mouth to provide high quality video images of your teeth and gums.

To see our dental technologies in action in our office, book an appointment with us today.