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Dental Implant Treatment in Dallas

Are you missing a tooth or do you have bridgework or a denture and would like a more natural, permanent solution? Dental implants may be the answer.

Dental implants are dental devices that look very similar to a tooth root. They are used to provide anchors in your jawbones to hold replacement teeth such as crowns or implant supported dentures. Once they are in place, implants can be as strong as your natural teeth.

The implant procedure begins when we assess the bone structure of your mouth to determine whether you have sufficient bone to support the implant. If you have insufficient bone, it might be necessary to augment the implant area with bone tissue grafts.

Once the implant location is determined, we will place the implant by drilling a small hole in your jawbone and placing the implant in it. Over a few months your bone tissue will naturally integrate itself into the implant, strengthening it.

After the implant has fully healed, we can attach a crown to replace a missing tooth, or an implant-supported denture to replace one or more missing teeth. You will need to floss and brush around the implant as you would a normal tooth.