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Dental Emergency

Emergency Dental Services in Dallas | Urgent Care Dentist

EmergencyA dental emergency can happen at any time and can leave you with unexpected pain or broken tooth. If you are experiencing a severe toothache or any dental issue, make a call at our dental office and get instant emergency dental care service so that you can get back to your normal activities as soon as possible.

Visit us at Atlantis Dental Care and get exceptional services of emergency dentistry in dallas. If you are having an emergency, you should not ignore this and call us immediately at our dental office. Our staff will fix an appointment with our dentist on the same day of the emergency. We provide you with a wide range of instant treatments like surgery, extractions, etc.


Here are some of the emergency dental care services we provide at our emergency dental clinic.

Emergency Extractions – To preserve your natural teeth is our goal, but the tooth which is badly damaged or infected is required to be removed. So, call us today if extraction needed in an emergency.

Emergency Wisdom Teeth Extraction – You may be suffering from pain if wisdom teeth emerge or not emerges correctly. At times the only solution to get rid of wisdom teeth problems is by removing the tooth instantly. We perform the procedure by giving you local anaesthesia so that you are pain-free.

Root Canal – If the inner part of your pulp is infected or inflamed, you have to get a root canal. This will help in preventing your natural teeth and eliminating pain.

Root Canal For Children – Apart from providing root canal to adults, we also offer root canal for young aged patients. This will help you in saving the kid’s tooth.


Below given are different situations. If you experience any of them call our office straight away.

Abscessed tooth – An abscessed teeth mean that there is a severe infection of the tooth root. It can lead to swelling of your gums or oozing of your gums. It may also cause severe fever. So, call for an emergency dental service immediately.

Broken teeth – If your teeth are broken, chipped or cracked, they are more vulnerable to damages. Get immediate treatment.

Broken or fractured jaws – If you doubting that your jaws are fractured get immediate treatments. The symptoms are numbing, swelling, crookedness or off bite.

Infections – Due to improper dental cleanings or no cleaning infection occurs at the gum line. Make contact with our office now and fix your appointment.

Severe toothache – If you have an unbearable toothache, call us for emergency services immediately. Our dentist will find out the reason for the pain and will help you get rid of it.

Apart from the above if you experience severe facial or swelling of gums, loose fillings, knocked-out-teeth gets immediate treatments. Call us immediately and fix an appointment. We try every possible way to give you the best of the treatments at affordable prices. Get a healthy smile today.